Tips on How to use the SweetArt sugarpaste

How to use the SweetArt sugarpaste

  1.  Cover and fill the cake with a cream that you like;
  2.  Knead the sugarpaste until it’s soft and elastic;
  3.  Roll it out  on a flat surface dusted with some powdered sugar (icing sugar with 3% corn starch);
  4. With the rolling pin, cover your cake with SweetArt;
  5. Smooth the top of the cake, and then the sides;
  6. Remove the excess of the SweetArt sugarpaste;
  7. Your cake is ready to be decorated!



  • To maintain the same thickness throughout the SweetArt you can use leveling rings that fit in your rolling pin.
  • To model the figures add a little CMC (food thickener powder) to SweetArt
  • You can create new colors if you join different SweetArt colors or if you add gel food colouring
  • You can model flowers adding a little CMC to the SweetArt and then roll it out very thin.

Amounts of sugarpaste table

Recommended quantities to cover a cake (average thickness of the sugarpaste 3-4 mm) 


Conversion: 1 g = 0,04 oz        25 cm = 10"

Note: The quantities of sugarpaste above are indicative.


Leftover sugarpaste can be stored for future use in an airtight plastic bag and kept the original expiration date